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Pokémon Go Charger

Capture them all.

The Go-Charge power banks will ensure you can keep using the power-hungry application Pokémon GO.

Available in 3 colours with your team choice.

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Keep your power up!

The Go-Charge power bank allows you to charge your phone full 1-1.5 times.

Battle on!

Keep the battle going and capture more Pokémon. The power bank will allow you to keep going!

Choose Your Team!

Available in all 3 team colours so you can show to your friends who you belong to!

Pokémon GO is a power hungry application and can drain your phone battery as it heavily uses GPRS to show your location on the world map. Even with light use you will find your battery will get low very quickly. Our chargers weigh only 61 grams (like a medium egg) and only 90mm in length. Perfect for mobile use rather than the much larger, heavier chargers that might be the difference between getting to that Charizard! You can choose your favourite team colour or go for our go-charge branded Pokémon go charger and complimentary wristbands to show off to your friends or foes!