Install Process

Installing your home charging point

For us, great relationships with our customers are all-important. They mean you get just the products and service that surprise and delight you, and in turn, your recommendations to family, friends and contacts keep us busy, too.

We go the extra distance to make the installation process smooth and simple for you, your household and your neighbourhood.

We’ll consult with you to agree a clear specification so you know exactly what you’re getting, where it will be sited and how long it will take (usually about four hours). We’ll work cleanly and neatly with minimal disruption and our team will always be polite, respectful and helpful.

Home Charging Point
OLEV install guide

As a guide, the installation process will look something like this:

  • 30 days prior to installation, we inform your supply network
  • Charge point position decided depending on your power supply and parking preferences
  • Fit small dedicated fuse board
  • For maximum safety, we fit RCDs between main fuse board and charge point, and between charge point and vehicle
  • System thoroughly checked, tested and OLEV-certified
  • Before we leave, we’ll train you how to get the best from your new charging point so you feel completely confident.

And of course, our customer care doesn’t stop there. Should you need further advice or information, or help in keeping your charging points in perfect order, we’re always here for you.

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